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New Master bedroom designs of the 21st century

Wall art and wall decoration are two important features of almost all types of master bedroom designs of the 21 st century because if you tend to have a simple room with white washed walls then your bedroom interior will never look different and appealing as you expect it to be.

In order to have a wonderful bedroom design, just like the one you see in luxury interior, you need to change the outdated traditions of interior and adapting to new changes, for you try to look for creative ideas to adorn the room and for making the interior somewhat different and creative.

Use of lighting in the headboard is a new approach and trend, you can install some lighting fixtures on well-created and well-designed headboard sets and then have them installed behind the bed set. If there happens to be an LCD television present in your room then you should try to build some nice storage cabinets or wall units to give your room an extraordinary aura.

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