Dorm room wall decorating ideas with fine laundry room decorations for the wall decorating cool

Dorm room wall decorating ideas

Are you looking for dorm room wall decorating ideas? You have just got admission in a well-known college of the state and your hostel is a fun place to be. The rooms in hostels are good for two people but the only thing it does not have is good interior and set up. Well you can easily add colors to create ambience in the walls of the dorm room.

Here areĀ  some dorm room wall decorating ideas which are easy to follow:

  1. Make the use of 3d wall stickers they are cheap, but they look realistic. Let’s say Spiderman is you favorite movie character, if so, you can buy 3d spider man sticker in 3d art for adorning the walls of your dorm.
  2. Another thing you can do is hang large sized posters of any character, it can be a Hollywood starlet or a cartoon character depending on your personal liking.
  3. Now there are good wall hangings available in wooden and metallic material, for instance, wooden name art is common these days,how about getting your name written in wooden wall hanging? It makes perfect sense, isn’t it?

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