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Cool bathroom remodel design ideas

Before you check out some cool bathroom remodel designs ideas which are being shared by bloggers on the website and magazine I would suggest you to make a list of all types of features that you want to include in a bathroom interior design, this would make your research more filtered and more defined and you would be able to come up an idea easily by going through some basic ideas.
You don’t have many options for small bathroom interior if the area is not very wide and the space you have cannot accommodate anything other than the standard bathroom vanities such as a toilet and a bath tub. If so, I suggest you to try to position the bathroom tubs, bathroom wash basin/sink and toilet very meticulously in the bathroom plan. How about choosing a small toilet for the area? How about going for the standalone shower design instead of a big shower stall that includes a lot of stuff.It’s just that the bathroom design would come out to be more appealing if you position the bathroom vanities nicely in the area without making the place overcrowded.

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