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Bathroom design Chicago style

Bathroom design Chicago style is quite different from a standard style. The reason is that people who live in Chicago always prefer to enhance their bathroom features and functionalities. In other words, style really matter and so as the comfort.

Make bathroom Cozy

It doesn’t mean you need to go with carpet flooring. It only means that you need to add some stylish rugs or mats in the bathroom.

Color Scheme must adhere

No matter how small items you pick for interior decoration, it should be a part of overall bathroom color scheme. You can not add green shade in a blue bathroom, this is where your bathroom design Chicago style will go wrong. Definitely, you don’t want that.

Tiles are better than wallpaper

You often noticed that Chicago bathroom don’t have wallpaper because people there don’t like to spend on a thing which they need to change again. They need something permanent. One time investment is one of the main goals of bathroom interior designing. Therefore, marble and wood tile flooring seems like a the right choice.

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