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Bathroom cabinet designs photos

When you are working on bathroom remodeling project then you should pay attention to cabinets. Bathroom cabinet designs photos alone can’t help you the most. You should have clear idea what you need. You might need to store all essential things in your cabinets and in such cases you should have a big cabinetry. Both practical and decorative aspects you require for your bathroom.

Here are some important points you need to consider.

What should be the number and size of each drawer in the cabinets? If you need to store more things then size of drawer should be big, otherwise a standard size would be suitable for your space.

Location of cabinets and drawers within your vanity is another point you should consider.

Color and design definitely plays a vital role. Your cabinets should look attractive and charming. Make sure that hue of cabinets match with existing theme.

The overall size of your vanity should be smaller as compared with the whole dimensions of bathroom.

Let’s discover some amazing Bathroom cabinet designs photos.

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