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When it comes to decoration then every person wants to try something different and unique. Wall decor photography ideas are becoming very popular. It means that you have to think outside the box. In normal case, when you hang a painting on a wall then you make sure that painting size should be smaller than wall. It don't cover the whole wall. But you can  try a different approach as well. It means that you can hang an oversize wall painting.

You need a very beautiful painting design to make this wall super attractive. If you do this then this wall would look different and also become a focal point of your room. Make sure that you pick a stunning painting designs. Abstract art works great but you can consider some other options as well. The main idea is to have a design which no other homeowner has. In other words, you need something unique and cool.

Discover some other Wall decor photography ideas which can help you get a magnetic look for your walls.

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